Instructions for users

Select a locality from the drop-down menu.
Insert a keyword, the name of a business or a deal in the "what are you looking for?" section.
Use the "categories" menu to filter the deals available.
GET THE COUPONOpen the DEAL PAGE to find out the mail details and information. If you want to get the deal click on "download" and follow the next easy steps to comlpete the transaction.
1Spiiky is based on the trust between user and business! For this reason we ask you to make sure that you will make use of the deal. For each deal you get and don't use your RELIABILITY SCORE (see RELIABILITY) will decrease. If your reliability score goes below 70% your account will be frozen for 30 days.
2Select the OPTIONS of the deal: choose the number of people using the coupon, decide if you want to make your purchase public to other Spiikers and if you want to receive updates on the other deals offered by the same business. CONFIRM your purchase clicking on the "confirm" button.
3And finally follow the instructions to USE THE COUPON. Show it in the shop in digital or paper form, get the confirmation code (see CONFIRMATION CODE) and find out where to insert it either on the website or on the app. In this page you can also find the button to PRINT the coupon.
WEBSITEOnce you made use of the deal remember to ASK FOR THE CONFIRMATION CODE, then go to the website and click on "deals", where you will find the list of deals you purchased.
Otherwise go to the page of the deal you purchased and next to the picture you will find the section where to insert the CONFIRMATION CODE; once typed, click on "confirm".
On your profile page (see PROFILE), in the Purchases section, you can view the UNREDEEMED COUPONS, where you'll find the expiry date of the deal, which is also the deadline for inserting the CONFIRMATION CODE, so you can see at a glance the status of the deals you got.APPOnce you received the confirmation code you can use it on the Spiiky app too. Click on "confirm coupon" within the deal's page to enter into the page where you can type in the CONFIRMATION CODE.
ATTENTION!!The CONFIRMATION CODE is very important! Only by inserting it you can confirm you used the deal, thus keeping a high your reliability score.
So remember to ALWAYS ask for the code when redeeming the coupon. Not entering the code equals to not having made ose of the deal, resulting in your RELIABILITY to decrease (see RELIABILITY). We remind you that IF IT FALLS UNDER 70% YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE FROZEN FOR 30 DAYS, and you will be unable to make any purchase.
Remember that you have 3 tries for inserting the right code. Following that the deal will be blocked: in case you got a wrong code please get in touch with the business offering the deal or contact our customer support to receive the correct code.
RELIABILITYWithin your profile page (see PROFILE) you can see your reliability score. This percentage changes when the redemption of coupons is confirmed or not.
Spiiky is based on trust: if you don't redeem a coupon or don't insert the code (see CONFIRMATION CODE) your reliability score will decrease.
PROFILEWithin your profile page you can manage all your activities on Spiiky, updated in real time.
Through the 4 tabs displayed in the upper row you can view: 1) the PROFILE showing all your actions; 2) The general INFORMATION on your profile; 3) your PURCHASE history; 4) your WISHLIST.
In the column on the right you can see the users whom you follow and who follow you, the search bar for businesses and users, the busineses and users you might knowa and the deals you might be interested in based on your purchasing history
In the column on the left you can see how much money you saved with Spiiky, your reliability score, notifications, messges and an overview of your deals.
WishlistIn the WISHLIST area, you can create your list of products or services you would like to see on Spiiky. We will look for them and you will be able to monitor the status of your request through 3 easy steps: sent, processing and found, where you will see the results of our search.
FOLLOW AND BE FOLLOWEDThe FOLLOW tool will allow you to be constantly informed on the updates from businesses or on your friends' activities.
COMMUNITYIn the COMMUNITY section you can view in real time the activities of your friends and of businesses you follow. Doing so you can keep up to date with news and deals from businesses and purchases and reviews of your friends, together with seeing who they follow as well.
SETTINGSIn the SETTINGS area you can edit the information visible to other users, your interests and decide what notifications you want to receive.
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